125 Drivers Sidelined, 709 Violations, 1 Arrest Reported in NH During Last Week’s Blitz

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire State Police (NHSP) released the results from the more than 350 inspections of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) last week during International Roadcheck 2021.

As part of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) three-day North American enforcement blitz, NHSP said on Monday Troop G troopers inspected a total of 356 CMVs.


NHSP reported inspectors discovered 709 violations and placed 125 drivers out-of-service (OOS) for violations which included: possessing drugs, possessing alcohol, driving while not physically qualified, failing to maintain record of driving hours, not holding the proper class of driver’s license, operating after suspension, and for continuing to drive after being declared OOS.

Additionally, 56 CMVs were placed OOS for critical safety violations, NHSP said.

Troopers issued 63 citations and made one arrest.

Further, NHSP reported Troop G troopers also issued “25 CVSA decals to commercial motor vehicles that passed a Level I inspection where no critical violations were found according to the North American Standard Out-Of-Service Criteria.”


Haul of Shame 

NHSP also shared a few examples of the best of the worst offenders during the inspection blitz.

One that will certainly make the NHSP Haul of Shame occurred in Tamworth.

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Troopers stopped a stopped a 2002 International carrying drilling equipment and conducted an inspection of the vehicle, including a weight check.

“As a result, it was discovered that the vehicle exceeded its maximum allowable gross weight rating by 13,800 pounds, the vehicle exceeded axle ratings on its drive axles by 6,200 pounds, and the vehicle exceeded tire load limits by 860 pounds,” NHSP stated. “Additionally, the vehicle’s load was not properly secured and the driver’s record of duty status was not current.”

The vehicle was placed OOS and NHSP said it had to “remove part of its cargo so as not to exceed tire load limits.”

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