180 Truck Drivers Pulled Over Then Given Gifts Instead Of Inspections

Virginia Beach, Virginia – Monday morning along eastbound Interstate 264, right before the Rosemont Road exit, 180 truck drivers were pulled over. Normally, this is where inspections are administered and citations are issued, but not this time.

Instead of inspections truckers were given gifts. Instead of issuing citations, officers were issuing breakfast.

It was the 25th annual “Driver Appreciation” Day. It’s all the brainchild of Suffolk County Police Officer Forest Godwin who told ABC 13 News, “These guys are dealing with a lot of different things and it’s difficult. They’ve got to give one hundred and ten percent.”

Godwin is there to greet each driver as they pull through. He tells each one that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Representatives from the DMV, Virginia Department of Transportation, AAA and several local police departments and others were on hand to also say thanks.


Drivers were given Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, donuts and drinks as they passed through. “Today is a day they [drivers] are kind of relieved. It’s a heartwarming thing for them,” Officer Godwin said.

Godwin wants more people to know just how much truck drivers mean to our way of life, and he wants truckers to know they are appreciated. “Yes, somebody else is thinking about the truck drivers in a positive way instead of a negative way,” he said.

See more on this story from ABC 13 News in the video report below.




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