18,000 Pounds Of “Medical” Marijuana Seized From Semi

Pawhuska, Oklahoma – Pawhuska Police seized more than 18,000 pounds of marijuana from a semi-trailer on Wednesday after police observed the driver operating the rig suspiciously.

Police said a semi-truck ran a red light around 3 a.m. Officers then pulled the truck over after noticing a white van following the truck down the road. Officer’s said they felt something was not right about the truck.

When authorities inspected the semi they found more than 18,000 pounds of hemp weed in trailer. The truck driver provided a bill of sale and told police the load originated in Kentucky and was bound for Colorado.


Police reviewed the bill of sale and described it as “vague.” Investigators said they then informed the truck driver that Colorado’s law requires that marijuana can only be legally grown and sold within the borders of the state.

In connection with this stop, authorities have now arrested 4 people on accusations of aggravated trafficking. Federal investigators say they are further researching whether to charge the individuals with transporting across state lines.

However, one of the arrested individuals told Fox23 that they run a “legal” company focused on the distribution of marijuana for “medical” purposes.

NewsOn6.com is reporting that the attorney for 2 of the men arrested is calling the whole episode a big mistake and is vowing that his clients will not spend another night in jail.

Attorney Matt Lyons said he represents the two drivers of the white minivan who were taken into police custody. Lyons tells the news outlet his clients were there to prevent just this situation. “Their exact reason for being there was to avoid something like yesterday from happening,” he said.

Lyons said he represents Patriot Shield, which is a company he says transports “industrial hemp” which new federal legislation allows for. “These guys want nothing to do with the black market marijuana business,” he explained.

According to the NewsOn6.com report, Lyons provided documentation confirming that the truck was hauling 60 pallets of industrial hemp weighing 18,000 pounds.

Lyons said all the proper documentation has been provided to the Osage County DA’s office, and the DA set the men’s bonds at $40,000 each.

Transportation Nation Network will bring you further developments in the case.

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