2 Semis Collide Causing 12-Vehicle Pileup Along Icy I-80

Aurora, Nebraska – Ten tractor-trailers and two passenger vehicles were involved in a chain reaction crash Wednesday morning along I-80, according to the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP).

Authorities said the crash began when two semis collided around 9:30 a.m. at mile marker 328 between Giltner and Aurora. Then the pileup began as eight other truckers and two 4-wheelers collided.


NSP said two people were transported to a nearby hospital. One of the persons transported was seriously injured, according to those on the scene.


Investigators said icy road conditions were partially to blame as patches of black ice were reported. NSP said it took more than 3 hours to clear the roadway and reopen that stretch of I-80 as traffic was snarled for miles.

NSP officials said it was remarkable to clear the roadway as quickly as they did given the number of vehicles and damage involved.

(featured image courtesy of NSP)

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