35-Year J.B. Hunt Driver Awarded $50,000 for “Unprecedented Achievement”

Lowell, AR – A long-time J.B. Hunt driver was recently awarded $50,000 for reaching five million safe miles.

On Tuesday, the Arkansas-based mega carrier announced Phil Fortin, a J.B. Hunt Intermodal driver based in South Gate, CA, is the first company driver in the carrier’s history to reach five million safe miles.

Fortin began his career with J.B. Hunt in 1984 and is one of the company’s most decorated drivers, having received 33 safe driving awards.


He reached four million safe miles in 2010 — an achievement shared by only 16 other J.B. Hunt drivers, the company said in a statement.

Fortin completed the “unprecedented achievement” of reaching five million safe miles driven without a preventable accident in December 2019.

“I want to thank Mr. Hunt for having a dream and committing to it, because in the wake of his pursuit, he created so many opportunities for others, me included,” Fortin commented. “Together as a team, we make it all work, and I’m grateful for all those around me who helped me reach this milestone.”

The company says Fortin was awarded a $50,000 safe driving bonus for his most recent “milestone,” which brings his career total in safe driving bonuses to $125,000.


“The professional commitment and resilience it takes to achieve five million safe miles is almost unthinkable,” said John Roberts, president and CEO of J.B. Hunt. “Thank you, Phil, for your dedication to this company and for setting the bar of excellence in safety for others to follow.”

In April, Fortin will also receive additional recognition at the carrier’s annual Million Mile event in which drivers who achieve one, two, three, four, and now five million safe miles are honored.

Photo courtesy of J.B. Hunt



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