40,000 Lbs. of Whiskey Lost During Early Morning Big Rig Accident

Jane, MO – A semi-truck loaded with whiskey rolled early Wednesday morning, sending thousands of broken bottles onto the roadway.

The incident occurred at 4:45 a.m. in Jane on US Highway 71 in the southbound lanes, near the Missouri/Arkansas state line.


Authorities from the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and White Rock Fire Department (WRFD) arrived on-scene approximately five minutes later.

Upon arrival, officials found a truck hauling 40,000 lbs. of Templeton Rye whiskey on its side and the trailer’s contents scattered across the highway.

WRFD’s Chief Fred Parker estimates approximately two-thirds of the load wound up in the ditch by the highway.


Thankfully, the truck’s driver was uninjured.

Officials have not released details about how the crash occurred.

The driver’s name and company have also not been released.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources was called to the scene to assist with the cleanup.


KSN reporter Shannon Becker called the scene a “traffic nightmare” as traffic was narrowed to one lane (the right shoulder).

A large dumpster was brought to the crash site, where officials could be seen throwing away boxes of booze.

Thousands of shattered glass bottles also riddled the side of the highway.

Fire Chief Fred Parker estimates approximately two-thirds of the semi’s load of Templeton Rye whiskey wound up in the ditch by the highway.



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