40,000 Pounds Of Frozen Chicken Cooks On Interstate After Big Rig “Brake Fire”

Cobb County, Georgia – A tractor-trailer hauling 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken went up in flames along I-285 in Cobb County, Georgia Tuesday morning.

Authorities said a truck driver was on his way from Georgia to California when his rig caught fire near South Cobb Drive around 3:45 a.m. Micesh Kamal was behind-the-wheel and told Channel 2 Action News he saw smoke and immediately pulled over to the side of the interstate.

He said he exited the truck as quickly as possible. “When I see the fire, I pick up the fire extinguisher,” Kamal told the news station. “The fire, the flames are large.”


When asked what he thought started the fire, Kamal responded, “I think it was a brake fire.”

Emergency response crews battled the flames and worked to clear numerous southbound lanes for more than 3 hours causing traffic delays. All lanes are once again open.

Kamal told Channel 2 he was choosing to look on the positive side of things. “If there is any good news with this situation, this big rig fire is the non-rush hour direction,” he said. “This time of the morning, most folks are heading northbound on I-285, not southbound.”

No one was injured in the accident.

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