500 Drivers May Have To Retake CDL Test After Criminal Investigation Launched

Berks County, Pennsylvania – As many as 500 professional truck drivers may have to retake the skills portion of the CDL test after a criminal investigation has been launched into a Berks County CDL training program.

A spokesperson with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has confirmed that letters have been sent to drivers who obtained their CDLs from the Berks Career and Technology Center (BCTC) after it was discovered that a third-party tester “improperly conducted skills tests.”

“PennDOT discovered that CDL testing was not being properly conducted by Berks CTC,” Melanie A. Baldwin, a PennDOT spokeswoman, said in a written statement.


“As a safety measure and to help ensure that CDL holders have all the skills necessary to safely operate a commercial vehicle, affected drivers are required to retake the skills test with PennDOT. We are working diligently to retest customers as quickly as possible. At this time, no further details can be provided as it is an active criminal investigation,” Baldwin said.

Below you will find a portion of the letter being sent to affected drivers.

PennDOT is requiring CDL drivers to retake skills test or have their CDL downgraded.

Pennsylvania State Police have confirmed they are investigating BCTC’s CDL program, but have not given specifics into the nature of their investigation.

It is unclear how many drivers have received letters thus far, but the program has enrolled 515 students since it began in 2013.

BCTC officials said they asked PennDOT for that information, but have not received a response so far.


Truck driver Nick Blank received a letter and he told local news outlet 69News, “”It’s just ridiculous. They don’t realize how many people’s careers are on the lines.”

BCTC announced in February of this year that it had suspended its CDL testing program because an audit was being conducted by PennDOT.

However, BCTC continued to offer classroom and on-road instruction.

BCTC officials are also offering to help the impacted drivers.

“Students need to call us and we will provide refresher training and use of a truck at the PennDOT testing location they are sent to in the letter,”John Reedy, director of business affairs and continuing education at BCTC, told the Reading Eagle.

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