500 Truckers Caught Up in Truck Driving School Controversy Must Retake CDL Test

Charlotte, NC – More than 500 truckers in North and South Carolina recently had their commercial driver’s license (CDL) revoked after the truck driving school they attended failed to provide required documentation to state auditors.

According to North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) documents, the Carolina Truck Driving Training School failed to provide test records proving its students passed the CDL skills evaluation.

The failed audit occurred in October of 2018 and the school permanently closed its doors amid the controversy earlier this year.


The skills tests in question were conducted at its Charlotte, NC location by third party examiners, according to a spokesperson for the school.

A recent letter sent by the NCDMV to affected students reads in part:

Carolina Truck Driving Training School employees could not determine where the CDL skills tests records were and could not provide the CDL skills test record documents for examination.

The NCDMV says it sent letters to 479 North Carolina truck drivers informing them they would need to retest within 30 days.

A similar result played out in South Carolina where 79 drivers were informed they too would need to retest.

A representative of the school blamed the ordeal on one of the “many” examiners the school worked with, but admitted “proving which one would be very difficult.”


According to a post on its Facebook page in May, school officials contend an examiner purposefully removed the records from the student files in an effort “sabotage” the school and ensure it failed the audit.

In the aftermath of the failed audit, the school offered to help former students schedule the retests.

Further, the representative said the school was “going to send a truck for our students in good standing to use” during the retests.


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The spokesperson continued, “We will also have an instructor accessible if you need to brush up on pre-trip, etc.”

It is unclear how many drivers have successfully retested so far.

However, according to new report by local news outlet WBTV, many of the angry truck drivers are preparing to file a class action lawsuit against the shuttered school.


South Carolina attorney Patrick Knie is representing some of the disaffected drivers.

He spoke to WBTV and expressed concern over the states’ third-party testing protocols and how this could have been allowed to happen.

Additionally, Knie indicated numerous of his clients were employed by trucking companies when they received notification they would have to retest.

Making matters worse, he told WBTV that a number of the impacted drivers have since failed the retest and have yet to pass it.

“It seems they are really pushing these drivers through very quickly and putting them on the road with minimal experience,” Knie was quoted as saying.


It is unclear at this time if state officials intend to open a criminal investigation into the closed school.

Barry Henson is listed as the president of the Carolina Truck Driving Training School.

Henson is also identified as an official for both the Tennessee Truck Driving School and the Tampa Truck Driving School, according to the report.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to monitor any new developments.

(Photo courtesy of Carolina Truck Driving Training School/Facebook)



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