600 Trucks Convoy For Make-A-Wish Foundation In Connecticut

East Hartford, Connecticut – The 19th annual “Wishes On Wheels” convoy was held last weekend in East Hartford. More than 600 trucks registered to the tune of $25 each to participate and all to the benefit of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Connecticut. President of “Wishes On Wheels,” Al Spranzo told Fox 61, “Every year we do bigger and better and this year is no exception.” Big rig driver and 12-year veteran of the convoy, Antwon Smith, told the news station, “We go all out for this. This past month has been a non-stop process. We live and breathe it. You [have to] kind of just go all in for these kids. It’s what we’re all about.”

The 11-mile convoy is full of all kinds of trucks. The West Stafford Fire Department has been sending trucks for three years now and Fire Chief Joe Lorenzetti told Fox 61 he wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s an absolutely amazing experience to have some of these kids and their families when they’re burdened with devastating illnesses to give them a few minutes and let them run the truck basically,” he said. “Usually my instructions to them are these buttons are yours and you can make all the noise you want,” says Lorenzetti.

Last year’s convoy raised more than $100,000. The money from this year’s convoy presumably is still being tallied, but it is another shining example of the difference truckers are making in their communities. Share this story with some one who needs to know truckers are awesome!

If you like this story, then you have to watch this Truckerville Less-Than-Load episode featuring the Guilty By Association Truck Show convoy for Special Olympics. The Truckerville Road Crew was on hand for last year’s convoy and it was fantastic. Check it out!

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Video is shared courtesy of Fox 61.



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