8 Most Watched Transportation Nation Network Videos Of 2018

Little Rock, ArkansasTransportation Nation Network (TNN) is where truckers can “Live It Up!’ and many truckers did just that in 2018. TNN original series trucking shows are streamed on-demand to countries around the world. Let’s see which episodes were the MOST WATCHED in 2018! (Click on the image to view the video)



8. Truckerville, “SuperRigs”

PREVIEW: Captain Greg and the Truckerville Road Crew head to the 35th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs competition! Here we discover the most unbelievable show trucks in North America. You have to see them to believe them. Plus, we’ll introduce you to an Aussie country music star Jayne Denham.


7. Truckerville (Less-Than-Load), “Iowa 80 Trucking Museum”

PREVIEW: Take an exclusive tour of the fantastic Iowa 80 Trucking Museum with museum curator Dave Meier.


6. The Driver’s Lounge, “SMILE! You’re On Dash Cam”

PREVIEW: So, do forward facing cameras protect drivers or put them more at risk? Are in-cab facing cameras a violation of privacy? Do you believe the cameras are only rolling during an “event?” Who owns the footage and could it be used against a driver in the future? Would you work for a carrier who made you use a camera? Come inside “The Driver’s Lounge” this week and talk it over with us!


5. Trucker Traders, “Picking A Peterbilt”

PREVIEW: Husband and wife owner operator team Glenn and Karla Horack are searching for their perfect truck. Karla wants an automatic transmission and plenty of room to cook. Glenn wants a blue truck with lots of chrome. Will they find a way to agree?


4. The Driver’s Lounge, “E-LOGS Are Here To Stay”

PREVIEW: Why did the feds mandate e-log use? Will it hurt I/C’s and give bigger companies an even greater advantage? Will it making trucking safer or less safe? We are going to talk it over.


3. Truckerville, “Burt & The Bandit Jump”

PREVIEW: We’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of the all-time favorite trucking film, “Smokey and the Bandit,” with the bandit himself. That’s right… we’re hanging out with the legendary Mr. Burt Reynolds. It doesn’t get any better than this! Plus, we’re giving you a front row seat to what has become known as “the Bandit Jump.”


2. The Driver’s Lounge, “Are You Packing?, part I”

PREVIEW: In part 1 we debate whether a trucker should have the right by federal law to carry a gun into any state he or she chooses. Also, is carrying a gun really the most effective way to protect you and your rig? Get ready for the most intense debate yet inside The Drivers Lounge!


1. Truckerville, “Hauling For Heroes”

PREVIEW: We’re on the scene of a truly one-of-a-kind event to honor U.S. veterans. It’s become a national patriotic spectacle, but it would never happen without the generosity of truckers. We’ll show you how they get it done.

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