A “Super Star” Convoy

Truckers are transporting a classic airliner known the “Super Star” from Auburn Lewiston Maine Municipal Airport to the John F. Kennedy International airport where the historic plane will become a cocktail lounge.

Lewiston, Maine – A convoy of trucks is transporting a Lockheed L-1649A “Super Star” Constellation from the Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airport to the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. The fuselage, tail and four engines will become a cocktail lounge.

Courtesy of SunJournal.com

Truck driver Matt Beaty, of Blairston, Missouri, says he will be back to pick up the planes wings once they are completely disassembled and ready to be transported. Beaty told the SunJournal he has delivered goods to every state except Hawaii and that he specializes in hauling odd cargo, including on the “ice roads” in Alaska.

About The “Super Star”

Beginning in 1943, Lockheed spent 15 years building more than 850 Constellations, for Trans World Airlines (TWA) as well as Pan Am, Air France, and Lufthansa. Each subsequent version had a longer fuselage, greater range, and a grander name: Constellation, Super Constellation, and Super Constellation Starliner. For its fleet of Super Constellation Starliners, Lufthansa shortened the name to “Super Star.”

Courtesy Lufthansa AG

The “Super Star” was built in 1958. However, this beauty became obsolete in the jet age. The aircraft flew its last passenger flight for TWA on September 9, 1960. The airliner converted it into a cargo freighter until it was later retired. It’s been at the Auburn Lewiston Maine Municipal Airport since 1983 when the owner had it flown there with the intent to restore it, but ran out of money. The aircraft changed hands again in 2007 when it, along with two others, were purchased at auction for $745,000 by Bernhard Conrad, a retired chief technology officer at Lufthansa.

One of the aircrafts was restored and is now flying in airshows. The last remaining aircraft will be shipped to Germany where it will also be restored.



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