“About 100 Trucks” Protest In Stand As One “Slow Roll” Through Texas

Terrell, Texas – Another “slow roll” protest organized by Stand As One Texas took place yesterday in Terrell, Texas and garnered some attention from local media, including local FOX and NBC news outlets.

The convoy of “around twenty” trucks met at a Travel Centers of America (TA) location at 8 a.m. and convened with law enforcement to discuss the route plans. To ensure the safety off the general motoring public and participants, organizers secured a police escort just as they did last month in the Black Smoke Matters “slow roll” in Illinois.

Wednesday’s convoy departed Terrell at 10 a.m. on Highway 80 and moved to Interstate 635 North (otherwise known as the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway) before navigating southbound on Interstate 35E. They then traveled along Interstate 20 back to Highway 80 to complete their journey.


More truckers joined the event as it was unfolding, ending with “about 100 [trucks] actively involved,” according to owner-operator Lance Bubb in an interview exclusive to Transportation Nation Network. Fox 4 DFW news helicopter stayed with the trucks “the entire time,” said Bubb.

The trucks maintained a speed of 45 MPH and took three and a half hours to complete their “slow roll.”

Fox 4 live streamed a portion of the “slow roll” on their Facebook page. As of the time this article is published, that video has generated over 311,000 views on Facebook.

Bubb has been a driver for six years and an owner-operator for just over a year. Though this faithful trucker calls Orlando home, he was proud to be a part of the Texas slow roll and plans to be at others. He spoke with TNN exclusively and says movements like Black Smoke Matters are “industry movements for the safety and constitutional rights of our country.”



Another “slow roll” participant and member of Stand As One Texas, Chuck Biddles, echoed Bubb’s sentiments, telling TNN, “this movement is more than just trucking. This is about my freedoms in this country.”

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Coming from a proud trucking family, this industry is in his blood. “This is my service to my country in my eyes,” he proclaimed. “Trucking is the heartbeat of this country. We are the veins that pump the blood through.”

And while the big picture is individual freedoms and combating overregulation in trucking, there’s also the issue of safety. “My family rides these highways too,” said Biddles.


What started as a group of passionate truckers fighting for what they believe is right, ended with a Texas-style cookout Wednesday evening among company drivers and owner-operators alike. Bubb stated they smoked about 200 lbs. of meat and even had the opportunity to converse with and feed some of the general public.

“We fed everyone and a group of us stuck around meeting more people all night that found us on Facebook,” Bubb said.

State chapters of Stand As One have “slow rolls” planned in Indiana, California and Nebraska on February 21, 2019 before the nationwide shutdown, scheduled for April 12.


Check out the aerial video from Fox 4 DFW Facebook page.



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