Kathy 400×400

Kathy aka Mrs. Cowboy

Season 1: The Driver's Lounge

Kathy Brown grew up on a farm and started her driving career at the age of 4 on a farm tractor.

She comes from a long line of truck drivers: her grandfather owned several trucks and hauled coal, her dad dad drove concrete and farm trucks, her older brother hauled auto parts and steel, her son hauled reefer, and her younger brother and nephew hauled feed for the farm.

Kathy’s late husband, Cowboy, loved driving and through the years we drove many different tractors and pulled many types of trailers from flatbed to dry van to reefer to livestock to propane tanker. Kathy’s favorite job was propane transport:

“10,000 gallons at a time I loved it!” 

She has been Company Driver and Owner-Operator and have covered the lower 48 states.

“My favorite truck was a bright red 18 speed corn binder with a long hood. I’ve seen many changes through 42 years. I used to not be able to take showers at the TA’s because the showers were for ‘drivers!'”

Together, her and Cowboy have three children and 10 grandchildren.

[Producer’s Note: Kathy’s husband, Cowboy Brown, was a part of the original cast of The Driver’s Lounge. He unexpectedly passed away on August 18, 2016 and it was one of his last requests that his beloved wife take his place on the show.]  


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