Keith Tuttle

Keith Tuttle

Motor Carrier Service [Founder]

Keith Tuttle started his career in trucking in 1977, joining his dad’s small company after graduating from Defiance College.

He will tell you the company he founded, Motor Carrier Service (MCS), was formed as a result of de-regulation. Over the past four decades, he was actively involved in the success of MCS as well as the trucking industry. Most notably, he served as Chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) in 2014-15.

Away from the trucking industry, Keith spent years as a volunteer fireman and E.M.T. He is a very active Mason/Shriner having served as Potentate of the 1700 Northwest Ohio Shriners in 2014. For the past decade, Keith has regularly volunteered as a Shriner Roadrunner, transporting children to hospitals in Chicago; Cincinnati, OH; Erie, PA and Lexington, KY.


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