‘Afraid’ Truck Driver Arrested After Leading Police On Chase

Terre Haute, Indiana – A truck driver was arrested after he fled police yesterday morning at 2:20 a.m. along Interstate 70.

Monterious Myrick, 26, of Milledgeville, Georgia, was taken into custody after he was pulled over for speeding and then fled the scene. Officers deployed stop sticks at mile markers 143 and 154 in order to disable the truck. Eventually, the truck came to rest on its front bumper leaving Myrick no choice but to surrender to authorities.

Deputy Larry Wicke of Cumberland County, Illinois, made the initial stop. According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by West Terre Haute Patrolman Jason Parker, who assisted in the pursuit, Wicke says he smelled the odor of marijuana in the truck, so he asked Myrick to step out in order to conduct a search. That’s when Wicke says the flight and chase began.


However, Myrick told Vigo Superior Court 3 Judge Sarah Mullican the reason he fled was because he legitimately feared for his safety. Myrick says he became afraid because a police officer was asking him to get out of his truck at night which prompted him to drive away in fear.

Judge Mullican found probable cause for Myrick’s arrest on a preliminary charge of resisting law enforcement. She set bond at $10,000 with 10% allowed, and set  a Monday court date for filing of formal charges. Wicke says he will be filing paperwork on the incident with the Cumberland County state’s attorney.

Officers have not disclosed whether they searched Myrick’s truck and discovered any marijuana after the arrest was made. This is a story we will continue to follow.

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