Alarming Details Emerge About Criminal History Of Trucker In Fatal New Mexico Semi/Bus Crash

Albuquerque, New Mexico – We are learning new information about the driver of last week’s horrific crash when a semi and a Greyhound passenger bus collided along I-40 in New Mexico. The crash took the lives of eight people and scores more were seriously injured. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) along with state authorities have launched a full-scale investigation into the crash which Transportation Nation Network is covering extensively.

Now new details are emerging about the driver of the tractor-trailer. According to court records, 35-year-old Elisara Taito is a convicted felon. In fact, Mr. Taito has a long criminal history including drug possession and bank robbery convictions. According to a criminal complaint, Taito was on parole for a bank robbery he committed in 2008 in San Francisco. He and his accomplices stole more than $76,000 by threatening bank employees with BB guns, which the FBI says could be confused with semi-automatic assault weapons by those not familiar with high powered rifles.

Taito is employed by Fresno-California based carrier Jag Transportation. Representatives for Jag Transportation have so far refused to speak about Taito’s criminal history. The United States Department of Transportation does not require carriers to take an employee’s criminal history into consideration when hiring CDL drivers. The only guidelines the DOT has is that drivers have a clean driving record. The NTSB says Jag Transportation is currently an unrated carrier as they have not received a full compliance review from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

These revelations are startling to many especially the drug convictions.  It will undoubtedly create additional scrutiny by investigators. In a CBS News interview which you can watch HERE, Taito claims he was not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol the day of the accident. He claims a front steer tire blew causing the accident. He said, “I tried to bring it back. But it just wasn’t happening.”

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