ALERT: Northeastern States Impose Big Rig Travel Restrictions Due to Winter Storm

Harrisburg, PA/Trenton, NJ – A winter storm is expected to make travel hazardous across much of the northeast this week, and two states have already announced restrictions for commercial motor vehicles (CMV) beginning today.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey officials are imposing travel restrictions on big rigs beginning Monday, February 15.



The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) each announced that effective at 6:00 PM on Monday Tier 1 vehicle restrictions are planned for the following roadways:

• Interstate 70 from the West Virginia border to the PA Turnpike;
• Interstate 76 (PA Turnpike mainline) in both directions from the Breezewood interchange (Exit 161) to the Ohio border;
• The entire length of Interstate 79;
• Interstate 80 from Interstate 99 to the Ohio border;
• The entire length of Interstate 86;
• The entire length of Interstate 90;
• The entire length of Interstate 279;
• The entire length of Interstate 376; and
• The entire length of Interstate 579.

Under Tier 1 restrictions, the following vehicles are NOT permitted on affected roadways:

• Tractors without trailers;
• Tractors towing unloaded or lightly loaded enclosed trailers, open trailers or tank trailers;
• Tractors towing unloaded or lightly loaded tandem trailers;
• Enclosed cargo delivery trucks that meet the definition of a CMV;
• Passenger vehicles (cars, SUV’s, pickup trucks, etc.) towing trailers;
• Recreational vehicles/motorhomes;
• School buses, commercial buses and motor coaches not carrying chains or Alternate Traction Devices (ATD’s); and
• Motorcycles.


New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has issued a travel ban for ALL big rigs on multiple Interstate highways starting at 8 a.m. on Monday.

The commercial vehicle travel restriction will be in place for the entire length of the following highways in both directions:

• I-78, from the Pennsylvania border to I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike)
• I-80, from the Pennsylvania border to I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike)
• I-280, from I-80 to I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike)
• I-287, from NJ Route 440 to the New York State border
• NJ Route 440, from the Outerbridge Crossing to I-287

The ban also includes empty straight CDL-weighted trucks, passenger vehicles pulling trailers, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

This restriction DOES NOT apply to:

• The New Jersey Turnpike
• The Garden State Parkway
• The Atlantic City Expressway
• I-76
• I-195
• I-295
• I-676
• Public safety vehicles, sworn and civilian public safety personnel; as well as other personnel directly supporting healthcare facilities or critical infrastructure such as providing fuel or food.


NJDOT instructed truckers who are already in New Jersey when the travel restrictions go into place to pull off in truck stops to wait out the storm.

“Do not park on shoulders,” NJDOT also urged.

The restrictions for each state will remain in place until further notice.

Stay with for more possible travel restriction alerts in the coming hours.



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  1. Shut the roads sown, Wyoming learned their lesson, as truck drivers are now some of the stupidest drivers we have out here on the road. Many do not speak English and the rest will not use the one tool to prevent these mass pileups, it is a tool every truck driver used to own and have in their cab, it is called a CB RADIO.


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