Truckers Must Complete COVID-19 Travel Declaration When Entering Utah

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Salt Lake City, UT – Truckers traveling into Utah will have to complete a COVID-19 travel declaration containing a series of health-related questions beginning Friday.

On Wednesday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced the order will be required for all individuals entering Utah from out of state who are over the age 18, including those involved in interstate commerce.


John Gleason, Public Information Officer for Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the Agency is asking truckers (and any vehicle traveler) entering Utah to fill out the online form whether or not they plan to spend extended time in the state, such as a break, reset, or load/unload.

“One thing we want to emphasize is that they do so when they are at a safe stopping point, within three hours of entering the state,” Gleason told TNN.

Gov. Herbert advised the travel declaration will ask individuals if they have been tested for COVID-19 and if they are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus.

“It also asks where they have recently been traveling,” Gov. Herbert said.


According to UDOT, there are nine entry point locations on freeways into the state.

They are as follows:

• I-80 at Wyoming border
• I-80 at Nevada border
• I-15 at Arizona border
• I-15 at Idaho border
• I-70 at Colorado border
• I-84 at Idaho border
• U.S. 191 North of Monticello
• U.S. 80 North of Kanab
• U.S. 40 at Colorado border

The state of Utah, through its official Utah COVID-19 Community Task Force (UCCTF) said upon entrance at any of the nine points, travelers will receive a text message and an alert to their mobile device via the federal wireless emergency alert system.

UDOT said the State gained permission from the Federal government to use the emergency alert system for this purpose.


Individuals are asked to follow the link in the text message to in order to complete the declaration.

Questions with required answers include: name; address; if you have been tested for COVID-19 in the previous two weeks; if you are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or fever; entry point; home phone number; email address; and list of specific places traveled in the previous 14 days.


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The State said all data gathered from the website will be transferred to the Utah Department of Health (UDoH) databases.

When asked if there will be a penalty for not completing the declaration, UCCTF obfuscated by responding, “This is not an effort to penalize people. This is an effort to inform.”


“It’s a new thing — we have the technology that allows us to do this,” Gov. Herbert said during a press conference Wednesday at the Utah State Capitol. “This will allow us to help stop and slow down the spread of the coronavirus as we find people who come into our area who may, in fact, carry the infection.”

Gov. Herbert said the declaration will also be required at the Salt Lake City International Airport whose final destination is Utah.

He said the directive was coming “in advance of Easter weekend.”

On March 26, Gov. Herbert issued a “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive for Utah residents which prohibits “non-essential travel.”

According to UDoH, Utah has seen 1,846 cases of coronavirus, which include 158 hospitalizations and 13 deaths.

Photo courtesy of UDOT



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