Alleged Shooter in I-225 Protest Charged With Attempted Homicide

Aurora, CO – Colorado authorities have charged a man suspected of opening fire an injuring two people during a protest on Interstate 225 last weekend.

On Tuesday, the Aurora Police Department (APD) identified and arrested 22-year-old Samuel Young.


He is charged with four counts of Attempted Homicide after police say he opened fire on the driver of a Jeep who drove through the crowd of protesters along I-225 last Saturday night in Aurora.

The APD previously released photos of Young and named him as a person of interest in the case.

Two adult males were struck by the gunfire.

One man suffered a wound to the leg and remains in stable condition.

A second male suffered what was described as a graze wound to the head.

Police say discussions are ongoing about whether to bring charges against the driver of the Jeep also.


According to Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, the driver of the Jeep, whose identity has not yet been released, told investigators he feared for his safety after protesters attacked his vehicle.

In a statement on Sunday, Chief Wilson said the driver told authorities that protesters surrounded his vehicle and began yelling and hitting it.

READ more about what happened HERE. will continue to follow this story.



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