America’s First ‘Megawatt Electric-Only Truck Stop’ Slated to Open Next Year

El Segundo, CA – A start-up company plans to construct the nation’s first 25-megawatt, solar-powered, electric-only public truck stop to serve medium and heavy-duty electric trucks in California.

WattEV intends to build an electric truck stop on State Highway 65 at the north end of Bakersfield, which is a heavily truck-trafficked area close to U.S. Highway 99.


The 110-acre truck stop, positioned near logistics fulfillment centers run by Amazon and Walmart, will feature a solar micro-grid with battery storage, plus grid energy from PG&E, the company said in a news release.

Initial output from the WattEV electric truck stop will include 4-megawatt (MW) capability, eventually growing to 25-MW feeding more than 40 charging bays.

A WattEV spokesperson told Transportation Nation Network that construction on the project has not yet begun.


The company is awaiting the approval of “millions of dollars” in funding grants from the state of California before building will commence, the spokesperson said.

The station is expected to open its initial phase for public charging at some point in 2022.

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Further, WattEV is also launching a Trucks as a Service (TaaS) model.

“Focusing on the revenue and profit potential of an electric truck, rather than the fixed and variable cost of owning a new or used diesel truck, is how we can get more drivers into more electric trucks more quickly,” said WattEV CEO Salim Youssefzadeh. “Our aim is to fast-track the transition to electric truck transport by doing things a little differently.”


In fact, WattEV’s goal is to add 12,000 heavy-duty battery electric trucks to the roads in California by the end of 2030.

“If it works in California, it’ll work just about anywhere in the country,” Youssefzadeh added.

WattEV has already reserved its first 50 Tesla Semis and plans to place more orders with other OEMs.

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