Animal Rights Activist Plans to Sue Livestock Hauler After “Close Death Experience”

Red Deer, Alberta – The fallout continues after a video of an animal rights activist being struck by a semi-truck outside of a meat processing plant in Canada went viral last week.

This week, the woman in the video said she’s pursuing legal action against the trucker who, she believes, intentionally hit her.

According to Kattrina Horner, 30, she was protesting for animal rights at the Olymel meat processing plant in Red Deer on August 19 around 12:45 p.m. when the incident occurred.


Horner said she was walking in a crosswalk while the pedestrian light was on, as a semi-truck made a turn on a green light.

The truck driver blew his horn in the seconds before the Peterbilt, hauling livestock, struck Horner.

In the video of the incident, the driver can be seen smiling and giving a thumb’s up after he struck Horner.

The video began circulating last week and quickly went viral, but has since been removed for unspecified reasons.

However, the video can be seen in the news clip below from CityNews:



Horner called the incident a “close death experience.”

“I have rotator cuff damage. Muscle damage, soft tissue damage, and as my muscles become less inflamed, there’s more possibility for damages that are not even discovered yet,” Horner told Edmonton’s CTV News in another interview.


“I was just beside myself. In the video it sounded like he grabbed a gear and sped up. Just looking at it, I’m really happy I survived,” Horner said.

According to Horner, she has hired a legal team to pursue legal action against the truck driver.

“It’s been a headache ever since,” Horner commented, stating she doesn’t have a vehicle to go to her physical therapy appointments she said are necessary since the incident.


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CityNews states in the segment above they reached out to the Red Deer Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), inquiring why the driver wouldn’t be charged with vehicular assault or a hit-and-run.

CityNews said RCMP doesn’t believe there was criminal intent.


The driver, who’s identity will not be released by authorities, was fined $776 for failing to yield to a pedestrian at a cross-walk.

The truck appears to be branded “Trasall” on the door.

According to its website, the Transall group of companies is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and focuses entirely on the transportation of livestock.



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