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Are You Packing? part 2 (S1: Ep. 39)

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ARE YOU PACKING? part 2 (Episode 39)

Truckers are being gunned down at truck stops, rest areas, and unsafe parking locations across the U.S. Many states don’t have reciprocity in their gun laws which put many truckers at risk of committing a crime simply by carrying a firearm. Also, many trucking companies don’t allow their drivers to carry a gun for fear of soaring insurance costs and costly litigation.

In part 2 we debate if carriers should restrict the rights of truckers to carry a gun on the job and if it puts truckers at higher risks. Plus, what’s up with all these truck stop shootings? Get ready for the most intense debate yet inside The Drivers Lounge!

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Should trucking companies allow drivers to carry a gun for protection?


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