Armed Suspects Arrested After Roadside Kidnapping Attempt of Female Trucker

Maricopa, CA – A trucker thankfully escaped an attempted kidnapping at knifepoint in Kern County on Sunday.

Lieutenant Joel Swanson with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the 59-year-old female trucker had pulled over at the corner of Highways 166 and 33 in Maricopa to conduct vehicle maintenance.

At approximately 7:10 a.m., the driver was approached by two males who demanded she drive them to Bakersfield, which is approximately 42 miles northeast of Maricopa.


Swanson told TNN the men made the demand at knifepoint.

With swift thinking and action, the driver was able to run to her truck and safely enter without injury.

She locked the door and quickly drove away.

The trucker, whose identity will not be released by authorities, immediately reported the incident.

Within an hour, KSCO located the two suspects and arrested them for the alleged kidnapping attempt on the driver, Swanson told TNN.

Authorities have since identified the suspects as 20-year-old Moses Abeytia and 21-year-old Feliciano Ramirez, both of Santa Maria.


Police said during the arrest, Abeytia refused to provide his name.

Additionally, Ramirez provided a false name.

They were booked into the Kern County Jail on a charge of attempted kidnapping and multiple misdemeanor counts.

The following day, KCSO received word from the Santa Maria Police Department (SMPD) there was an active warrant for Abeytia for attempted murder.


Additionally, Ramirez was named as a person of interest in the attempted murder.

The suspects will remain in the Kern County Jail until this case is settled, upon which time they will be returned to SMPD to face the attempted murder charges.



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  1. Female truck drivers really have it hard. It’s very dangerous just driving, now put being female and endure harassment by every other person in the industry including: Distribution center guards, other truckers, clerks and citizens. The gender discrimination makes the job unbearable. Less negotiating power with brokers, more harassment and likelyhood in being arrested for self defense. Women like myself, really suffer out here. The fear is incredible and no protection or justice.


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