Arson Or Not? Wisconsin Trucking Company Goes Up In Flames

Kenosha County, Wisconsin – A trucking company in Somers, WI, caught fire Thursday and sustained heavy damage after a semi-truck in the shop caught fire and the fire spread.

Investigators say Dejno’s Trucking company located on Green Bay Road near 60th Street in Somers caught fire at approximately 3:15 a.m. after a semi-truck inside the shop caught fire. The fire was discovered by a driver who came to pick up his truck and noticed the garage door that is normally closed was open.

Wondering why the door was open the driver looked inside and quickly realized the building was on fire. By the time emergency crews arrived on scene the fire had spread throughout the shop and into other parts of the facility.


Chief Carson Wilkinson with Somers Fire and Rescue said the open garage door gave the fire plenty of oxygen which caused it to spread more rapidly. Making matters more dire were the trucks and fuel tanks inside the building.

“Not only the oil and gas, you have oxygen and acetylene tanks in there. We had to take precautions from that and make sure those areas were getting cooled, so those tanks didn’t have their relief valves pop off and fuel the fire,” said Chief Wilkinson.

Fire crews battled the blaze for more than 6 hours. The Kenosha County Fire Investigation Task Force is unsure at this time if this was accidental or a case of arson.

“It may have been accidental. It may not. That’s why we have the task force on scene to help us determine that,” said Chief Wilkinson.

The investigation is ongoing.

Video news report and image shared courtesy of Fox 6 News.



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