Atlanta Police Reverse Controversial Policy After Crash Involving Big Rig Leads to Dispute

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Police Department (APD) is reversing course on a controversial policy instituted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, APD announced officers would no longer be responding to non-injury traffic accidents as a measure intended to “protect our officers and the public from unnecessary close contact with others” amid the health scare.


However, following a public outcry and a high-profile accident involving a big rig, APD has reversed course on this policy.

On August 14, APD announced officers would once again be responding to non-injury accidents given that traffic has increased following the lifting of COVID-19 mitigation restrictions.

Earlier this month, local outlet 11Alive reported on an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a couple who claims the trucker refused to provide his insurance information.

According to the report, the accident happened on August 3 near the Hapeville Post Office at the intersection of Brown Mill and South Industrial Boulevard.

Atlanta couple, Derreck and Octavia Roberts, assert a big rig crashed into them, but when Octavia asked the trucker for his insurance information, the trucker did not comply.

Octavia took video of the scene on her phone as the couple argued with the unidentified trucker.


Derreck told 11Alive he called police and was asked if he was hurt.

“I said, ‘well, no I’m not hurt, but I’m a little banged up,'” Derreck claimed he told APD. “My knee is still swollen and my knee and my back hurts.”

The couple said they waited for three hours until an officer arrived, but the trucker left the scene within an hour without providing his information.


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Derreck said he contacted the trucking company, which was also not identified, and provided video from the scene.

According to 11Alive, the trucker has not been charged with a crime.


Still, the potential for disputes to escalate into violence is substantial leading many area residents to demand APD change its policy.

“Both parties are going to be upset, and if there is nobody to referee the situation or official the situation, it can get ugly,” Derreck told the Atlanta news outlet.

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  1. only one problem…. the couple illegally tried to pass on the right that’s the only way they would have that particular damage and have been drug into the parking lot.


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