Avalanche Causes Chaos For Truckers Along I-90

Missoula, Montana – An avalanche closed a 34-mile stretch of westbound Interstate 90 east of the Idaho-Montana state line beginning Wednesday afternoon.

Officials report two slides affected the westbound lanes. A smaller slide near St. Regis has already been cleared, but I-90 remains closed due to a larger slide near Lookout Pass.


Quite a few truckers were caught in the slides. Video captured by eastbound trucker Trebb Rainey show just how bad it was for the truckers and 4-wheelers along Lookout Pass.



Rainey said, “There’s quite a bit of carnage down here. I’ve driven past about 8 different rear-ender accidents.” As he continued on you see truck after truck. “They are lined up man,” Rainey commented.

In another video Rainey travels passed numerous big rigs stuck in the snow along the roadway. He points out, “Uh, no chains! No chains! No chains! Oh, chains, but no brains… those other guys have been sitting up there all day.”


Traffic is being diverted to Highway 135, then onto Highway 200 for travelers going west.

MDOT officials are unsure how long the closures will last as crews work to remove the snow and clear the scene.

Drivers can check road reports and closures HERE.

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