Premiere: Technology Taking Over (S1: Ep. 1)

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It seems technology is taking over every aspect of the trucking business. Our executives discuss the impacts of newer technologies like autonomous trucks, in-cab cameras and more. Plus, take a walk down memory lane and see if our executives believe “the good ole days” of trucking were really good.

Go beyond the headlines and hype with trucking’s top executives every month on Beyond the Boardroom.

In this episode, hear stories from Max Fuller (co-founder, Chairman & CEO of U.S. Xpress Enterprises), John Elliott (founder & CEO, Load One Transport), Rob Penner (President, Bison Transport) and Rochelle Bartholomew (President & CEO, CalArk International), and Keith Tuttle (founder, Motor Carrier Service) about “The Way Trucking Was.”

Each executive shares their personal stories of the good ol’ days of trucking. Learn what shaped them and their fondest memories from trucking’s yesteryear. Also, get their take on technological advances trucking can look to in the future.

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