Biden and Democrats Accused of Exploiting Supply Chain Crisis to Push ‘Socialist Agenda’

Washington D.C. – President Biden and Democrats are being accused of using the ongoing supply chain crisis as leverage to gain support for their unprecedented social spending agenda.

As America’s supply chain woes continue, Republicans on the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee say Democrats’ policies are only making matters worse.


“The policies of the President and his party’s leaders in Congress are exacerbating or ignoring the underlying supply chain issues, from their mishandling of the COVID response in ways that are prolonging unemployment and worker shortages across the economy, to their push for a multi-trillion-dollar spending spree that is driving up prices of everything from gas to groceries,” said T&I Committee Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO).

Further, Graves asserted, “On infrastructure specifically, the President and the Majority are using the issue to advance their socialist agendas instead of concentrating on addressing congestion and freight bottlenecks.”

On Wednesday, both President Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with supply chain leaders at the White House to discuss the challenges.


In a speech following that meeting Mr. Biden promoted his $5 trillion “Build Back Better” infrastructure and social spending bills currently languishing in Congress as Democratic infighting threatens to derail his agenda.

Arguing the “world has changed” since the pandemic began, Mr. Biden said, “We need to invest in building greater resilience to withstand the kinds of shocks we’ve seen over and over whether it’s the pandemic, extreme weather, climate change or other disruptions.”


The same message was echoed by Sec. Buttigieg in recent television appearances.

“We are relying on supply chains that were built generations ago,” Buttigieg told CNN on Wednesday. “It’s one of the reasons why this entire year we have been talking about and working on infrastructure and are eager to see Congress to act to get this infrastructure deal through.”

Democrats are aiming to pass both bills by the end of this month.

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However, Republicans are warning Americans to prepare for more rising prices via inflation and supply chain bottlenecks in the weeks and months ahead.


“This will be a winter of high gas prices, shortages & inflation because far left lunatics control our government,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Tweeted in response to the crises.

Rep. Graves agrees.

“Americans are paying a heavy price for these failures, including skyrocketing inflation and the growing scarcity of goods on the shelves that will get worse with Christmas fast approaching,” he predicted.

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