Biden Emerges From Meeting With Mega Carrier CEOs With Holiday Message For ‘Worried Americans’

Washington D.C. — President Joe Biden is attempting to calm the fears of Americans who are concerned the ongoing supply chain crisis will result in shortages during the holidays.

After meeting with mega carrier CEOs Fred Smith, of FedEx, and Carol B. Tomé, of UPS (along with Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon and Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell), President Biden released a video message on Tuesday.


“I know a lot of Americans are worried whether or not there’s going to be enough stock on the shelves for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, whether you are going to be able to get what you need because there was a short supply last year because of COVID and a range of other things,” Mr. Biden said. “They [CEOs] all told me things are really moving along.”

The President touted his administration’s recent deal with major union retailers and freight movers to ensure operations continue 24 hours per day at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach — which handle about 40% of all shipping containers entering the U.S.


“We’ve moved it way, way along in terms of getting more products in and letting people know that they’re going to be available. And the bottom line is all the folks I spoke with, not just the East Coast, but the West Coast — they just are all confident that things are going to be much different at Thanksgiving and a much different Christmas this year,” he stated.

WATCH the President’s video below.

Job Approval Plummets While Inflation Rises to 30-Year High

Biden’s hopeful message comes as recent polling shows the overwhelming majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the job he is doing in his first year in the Oval Office.

Adding to Americans’ dismay with the President’s job performance is the pain many are feeling due to skyrocketing price inflation on everything from fuel to food.


American consumers and producers received more bad news this week.

On Tuesday, the Department of Labor (DOL) reported that the producer price index — which measures inflation before it hits consumers — rose 8.6% last month from this time last year — matching the largest such increase on record.

Today, the DOL released its consumer price index showing inflation hit a 30-year high in October, up 6.2% from a year ago.


Biden Administration officials have argued the current inflationary pressures are “transitory” as the U.S. economy continues to recover from the pandemic, but economists are increasingly warning the surge in prices is likely to remain into 2022, especially if Democrats in Congress are able to pass Mr. Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda which calls for spending nearly $3 trillion.

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Congress approved the first piece — a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package — last week.

President Biden is expected to sign it into law on Monday, November 15, while Democrats are moving full speed ahead on the second bill — a $1.75 trillion social spending plan — they hope to pass before Thanksgiving.

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  1. Yet all three of those companies contract out their loads to other trucking companies to move the goods across the U.S., whom most people wouldn’t work for if they were the last companies on earth. None of those companies, FedEx, UPS and Walmart hire direct drivers except for the last miles of the delivery (Distribution centers to stores and direct to customers). Those CEOS can say whatever they want but when they can’t get the goods out of California because their brokers are only paying like $50 per shipping container to move them and no one in their right mind will go into California and sit at some port for twelve hours or more for that. The whole situation is a hell of a lot more complicated then three companies. So good luck with that Joe! Sounds like they told you whatever you wanted to hear.


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