Biden Spins Tale About His Days Driving Trucks: ‘I Swear to God. True Story!’

Washington, D.C. — Today, during an event highlighting his Administration’s actions to address trucking’s workforce challenges, President Joe Biden spun quite a tale about his days driving big rigs.

“I used to drive a truck,” President Biden told those in attendance. “It’s a long story.”


It’s a claim the President has been taken to task over before and the White House has tried to clean up on multiple occasions.

However, the President is not backing down.

During his prepared remarks on Monday, the President appeared to go off script and again repeated the dubious claim while delving deeper into the topic.


For full context, here is the President’s entire quote:

“I got a commercial license because my dad used to run an automobile agency and I used to have to go up to the body shop up in Philadelphia from Wilmington. When they’d order a trailer or cab they’d just sell the cab and so I had to have a license to be able to drive it up and back. So, during the truckers’ strike years later when I was a senator, there was a guy who ran steel out to Ohio and so I decided to ride out with him to see what it was like and I was driving going through Shiloh, OH. His handle was ‘Big Ten’ and remember all the truck stops were being blockaded at the time during the strike and he called and said, ‘Big Ten wanting to come in.’ I forget exactly how he said it and the only woman truck driver I ever knew I met that day. She said, ‘This is Big Momma. No room!’ I swear to God… true story! He said, ‘I’ve got a United States Senator driving my truck.’ She said, ‘I’ve got the damn President in mine. So what!’ I’ll never forget that.”


WATCH more below.

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