Biden to Impose Huge Fines on Private Businesses Unless Employees Are Vaccinated

Washington D.C. – The Biden Administration is using the heavy hand of government to compel many businesses to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for its workforce or else face huge fines.

Speaking from the White House on Thursday afternoon, President Biden announced a series of sweeping new Executive Orders (EOs) and regulatory measures to force many businesses to require its employees take the COVID-19 vaccine or test negative weekly.


“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” President Biden stated. “This is about protecting yourself and others.”

The requirement is for companies with 100 employees or more and will be enacted through a forthcoming rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA will also issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to implement this requirement, according to the White House

Businesses which fail to comply are expected to be slapped with penalties of $14,000 per violation.

The Biden Administration indicated this new requirement will impact over 80 million workers in private sector businesses.

The White House did not immediately say when it would take effect.


Mr. Biden is also requiring all federal employees to be vaccinated with no option to opt out via weekly testing.

Additionally, the President is also issuing an EO requiring all employees of federal contractors be fully vaccinated as well as for most healthcare workers who treat Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Moreover, the increasingly unpopular president is also pushing private companies to require proof of vaccine passports for all Americans who want to attend large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events.

According to the latest data, more than 208 million Americans have taken at least one dose of the vaccines while 80 million people remain unvaccinated.

The Biden Administration’s latest authoritarian measures come as the trucking industry continues wrestling with the issue.

As Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first reported last month, Tyson Foods was the first mega carrier to require its drivers be vaccinated or face termination.


Since then, a growing number of shippers have begun requiring drivers who haul their freight to show proof of vaccination or a negative test.

Many truckers, however, have expressed outrage over being forced to choose between their livelihood and personal medical treatments they don’t want or believe they need.

Truckers across the country, and around the world, have even recently staged demonstrations against vaccine mandates.

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The Biden Administration’s latest actions will almost certainly be challenged through litigation on grounds they violate the rights afforded to citizens by the Constitution of the United States.

However, regardless of the constitutionality of such measures, the intended affects could be felt long before such court challenges are decided since most businesses will likely comply rather than deal with the potential fines as well as the cost and complexity of tracking weekly testing for employees.

TNN will continue to track the issue closely.

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