Big Rig Crashes Down Snowy Embankment In Effort To Avoid “Spinning Out” 4-Wheeler

Dunmore, Pennsylvania – A tractor-trailer went careening down a steep embankment Sunday morning as the truck driver was avoiding a 4-wheeler.

Authorities say the accident happened on Sunday morning at approximately 8:30 a.m. along I-84 west. Family members of the truck driver say the trucker was confronted by a passenger vehicle that was “spinning out.” The reasons the driver of the 4-wheeler lost control are unclear, but road conditions were icy due to snowy conditions, according to officials.


In an effort to avoid striking the vehicle and possibly harming those inside, the truck driver chose a different path. That path led him to the bottom of a steep embankment.


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Thankfully, the truck driver, whose name has not been released, was not seriously injured in the crash. However, instances like these demonstrate the difficult choices truck drivers are forced to make.

Transportation Nation Network recently published an editorial exploring the decision every trucker is faced with eventually in their career, To Swerve Or Not To Swerve… That Is The Question. What would you do?



To Swerve Or Not To Swerve… That Is The Question

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