Big Rig Plows Into House Leaving Truck Driver and One Other Person Injured

Belleville, WI  — A truck driver and another person were injured when a big rig plowed into a home late last week in Wisconsin.

The Belleville Volunteer Fire Department along with the Madison Fire Department Heavy Urban Rescue Team were dispatched to the scene of the startling accident at approximately 6:20 a.m. on Friday, February 4.


When emergency responders arrived, they discovered all parties were out of harms way but two people were suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

The truck driver and one occupant of the home were transported to a nearby hospital.

Images from the scene shared to social media show the impact of the collision caused major damage to the home.

Investigators said the semi-truck along with a separate utility trailer that had been parked adjacent to the house were leaking fuel and had to be quickly contained.


The natural gas also had to be quickly shut off as the semi damaged the meter to the house.

Officials have not said what is believed to have caused the accident.


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