Big Rig Plows Through 5 Cars And Into Apartment Building, But Why?

Clovis, California – A tractor-trailer went crashing into an apartment building in Clovis, California, Wednesday night and investigators are blaming it on a case of distracted driving.

Clovis Police said a semi driver in his 30’s was distracted on his cell phone Wednesday night when he lost control of his rig along westbound Ashlan Avenue around 10 p.m. The big rig plowed over a fire hydrant, multiple street lights and 5 parked cars before crashing into the apartment building.



Incredibly, no one, including the driver of the big rig was injured. Police said the driver, who is employed by Fresno, California-based Brothers Express, Inc., was cooperative and refused medical attention.

Emergency crews worked for hours to remove the wreckage from the scene and clean up the water which spewed into the streets.

Watch more from the scene in the video below.



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