Big Rig Strikes Bridge And Spills Load Of Salad Dressing

Mansfield, Massachusetts – Police were called to the scene of a tractor-trailer accident today during the morning commute. A big rig struck a bridge abutment causing the cab of the truck to separate from the trailer.

The incident happened about 6 a.m. on I-495 near Route 140. The semi-trailer’s load of salad dressing spilled out onto the highway causing quite a messy scene for emergency crews. The driver of the semi was taken to a nearby hospital and was being treated for serious injuries, according to authorities.¬†Three other vehicles were involved in the crash, though the drivers of these vehicles were not injured. It’s also unclear at this time what role these vehicles, if any, played in the crash.



In addition to the salad dressing spill, the accident also caused 150 gallons of diesel fuel to spill out. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection was also called to the scene.



Traffic was at a standstill for hours as it took crews approximately 3 hours to clear the scene. Officials do not yet know what caused the tractor-trailer to veer off of the road and strike the bridge and are still investigating.



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