Big Rigs Come Under Attack in Chicago Amid Widespread Rioting

Chicago, IL – Online reports and videos of big rigs being raided by looters in Chicago have surfaced as parts of the city continue to descend into chaos amid widespread social unrest.

Rioting and looting began, once again, in the Windy City on Sunday and it is creating peril for some professional truckers.


Multiple videos of big rigs being looted (like the one below) have surfaced on the internet.

In the above video, rioters are raiding a tractor-trailer outside of Tops and Bottoms, located at 3960 W. Madison Street.

The store sells brand-name casual apparel, streetwear and sneakers for men, women and children.

The conditions of the truck drivers impacted by these incidents are still unknown.

However, a spokesperson from the Illinois State Police (ISP) told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) on Monday that it has not received any reports indicating big rigs are coming under attack on the expressways.

“The ISP District Chicago did not receive any reports of semi-trucks being looted or truck drivers being injured on the expressways due to the incidents that occurred early this morning,” the spokesperson said.


TNN has reached out to the Chicago Police Department (CPD) for more information about the attacks on big rigs within the city and will update you as soon as possible.


Hundreds of rioters filled the streets in downtown Chicago on Sunday night into Monday after police say “misinformation” about an officer-involved shooting was circulated on social media.

Looters smashed their way into a slew of high end retail stores in the Magnificent Mile shopping center.

The center boasts more than 450 stores including Rolex, Burberry, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom.

However, it wasn’t just high end retailers that got trashed and cleaned out.

Convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores were also terrorized.


According to the CPD, more than 400 officers were dispatched to control the rioting and thirteen sustained injuries after rioters attacked them with bottles and all sorts of objects.

Police will also be dispatched to outlying neighborhoods to prevent continued looting this week.


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Roads and Bridges Closed

Also, in response to the chaos, city officials closed bridges and roadways preventing access into the downtown area.

In fact, Chicago’s downtown is now closed indefinitely between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The following ramp closures are in effect currently until further notice, ISP said.

Interstate 94 northbound and southbound to exit ramps 159th St. westbound and 147th St. (Sibley) westbound (2 p.m. – until further notice)

Interstate 80 eastbound and westbound at Torrence Avenue (2 p.m. – until further notice)

Interstate 57 northbound and southbound at 147th Street (3 p.m. – until further notice)

At 8:30 p.m. CST, the ISP spokesperson reached back out to TNN with the following ramp closure update.

• Interstate 90 northbound and southbound at Division to Interstate 94 northbound and southbound at 18th Street;
• Interstate 55 northbound to northbound Lakeshore Drive;
• Interstate 290 eastbound at Ida B. Wells;
• Interstate 80 eastbound and westbound at Torrence Avenue;
• Interstate 57 northbound and southbound at 147th Street.

Those listed directly above are all in effect until 6 a.m.

“We are asking the public to seek alternate routes and avoid the areas listed above,” the ISP spokesperson told TNN. “Should other ramp closures occur we will keep you in the loop.”


Chicago Mayor Doesn’t Want Federal Help

As the situation continues to devolve, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said she has not asked Illinois Governor J.D. Pritzker (D) for help from the National Guard.

“No, we do not need federal troops in Chicago — period, full stop,” Lightfoot said at a press conference on Monday.

Republican lawmakers are pushing back and requesting federal assistance to quell the social unrest.


The rioting in Chicago comes a few days after city officials agreed to help multiple social justice groups shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway this upcoming Saturday for a protest.

Since announcing the agreement, multiple groups are now planning to stage additional protests along other major Chicago roadways in the months to come.

Read more about the latest developments HERE. will continue to monitor new developments.



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