Bizarre Semi/Train Crash Leaves Trucker Dead

Bedford County, Virginia – Virginia State Police identified Alberto Zaldivar Columbie, 39, as the truck driver killed in a bizarre incident Friday night. Columbie had improperly parked his big rig along train tracks on Georgia Pacific plant property when a train approached around 7:15 p.m, police say. Investigators say they do not believe Columbie was in the truck as the train approached, but jumped in the truck in an attempt to move it before the train made impact. However, Columbie quickly realized he did not have time to properly move the rig out of danger and he jumped from the rig moments before the train collided with it. The train struck the passenger side of the truck and Columbie became pinned and trapped underneath the vehicle. He passed away on the scene from his injuries.

Initial reports of the incident were that Columbie’s truck had “stalled” across the tracks, according to a Georgia Pacific spokesperson.

Police say the incident is still under further investigation.

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