“Blue Flu” Reportedly Hitting NYC on July 4 After $1 BILLION Cut From NYPD Budget

New York, NY – Truckers operating in or around the New York City (NYC) area on July 4th could find themselves in a precarious situation as reports are emerging the New York Police Department (NYPD) could protest the City Council’s recent move to slash $1 billion from the budget.

On Tuesday, the City Council approved an $89.19 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2021 which removes $1 billion from the NYPD.


In a statement, the City Council indicated, “This was a hard-fought battle, which marks the beginning of the Council’s efforts to not only limit the size and scope of the NYPD, but also reimagine how we structure criminal justice and public safety in this city.”

The move will cancel a nearly 1,200-person police recruiting class set for next month.

Plus, it will curtail overtime spending and shift the funds into community-based programs including “school safety, crossing guards and homeless outreach,” the City Council said.

NYC leaders are responding to growing calls by many on the political left demanding not only funds be diverted from police departments, but the complete “reimagining” of law enforcement.


Hundreds of protesters camped outside of City Hall demanding even further cuts to the NYPD.

Organizers have called the movement “Occupy City Hall,” a reference to the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement that took place just a few blocks away.

The NYPD could soon retaliate with a major call out sick day on July 4th in protest.

According to multiple local new reports, including the NY Post, messages have been circulated among the NYPD ranks encouraging them to call out sick on Independence Day as a show of solidarity amid the anti-police climate.


One message calls for the strike to kick off at 3 p.m.

“NYPD cops will strike on July 4th to let the city have their independence without cops,” one circulated text message reportedly says.


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New York’s “Taylor Law” makes public worker stoppages punishable with fines and jail time.

However, the NY Post is reporting police officers are still considering moving ahead with the one-day strike.


One message even reads, “The people and this city doesn’t [sic] honor us why honor them [sic].”

It remains to be seen if the strike comes to fruition, but given the current social tension, truckers operating through this area should stay apprised of the situation.

Photo courtesy of NYC DOT



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