Bobtail Goes Ballistic On I-10

Phoenix, Arizona – A shocking road rage confrontation between a truck driver and a passenger vehicle on I-10 in Phoenix was caught on a motorist’s dash cam. The motorist shared the video with and what it reveals is bizarre.

This incident took place “a couple of weeks ago” according to the report. You will see a small 4-door vehicle being aggressively cut off by a bobtail semi forcing the vehicle to stop and blocking traffic. The semi driver then gets out of his truck and begins to confront the driver of the passenger vehicle at the driver’s side window.

ABC15 contacted the trucking company, Turbo Express from Niles, Illinois, and the trucking company president, John Dudzik, sent the news operation a letter standing by the actions of their driver. The driver of the passenger vehicle allegedly pointed a gun at the driver of the semi and other drivers, according to the trucking company’s statement to ABC15. Mr. Dudzik claims the video shows other drivers stopping also in an attempt to prevent the driver from firing the gun.

The letter also claims that when the truck driver confronted the alleged gun-wielding driver, it was discovered the gun was a plastic gun. Mr. Dudzik’s letter states the incident will be reported to the “proper authorities.” As of this report, the incident has not been reported.

Further, the letter makes it clear that neither the trucking company nor the driver consent to the release of the video because “the video is only part of the story” and “puts our driver in a bad spot.”

The news channel, having obtained the video and consent from the motorist who filmed the incident, is under no obligation to withhold the release of the images.

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Comment (2)

  1. Out of those two drivers who is supposed to be the professional? A professional driver doesn’t “confront” Turdbo Express, they evade, avoid, put ego aside and help to protect the American driving public. The large majority of professional drivers do this day by day hour-by-hour mile by mile year by year.

  2. If the driver of the car had a gun and was pointing it at the driver of the bobtail, I think he would have probably used it on him. I don’t know what the owner of the trucking company was thinking of when he backed up the driver’s actions. Would he had still backed the driver up if he would have killed or injured those not involved? I’m afraid that this video only proves one thing, the driver needs to be fired for reckless and negligent driving. As far as the 4 wheeler is concerned, he to needs to get a ticket for the same behavior. As for the gun idea, I wonder why the police didn’t arrest the car driver. Could it be that he had a concealed carrier permit and only brandished it when the truck driver aggressively stopped him and then started banging on his window? We are so called professional drivers, not the police. Call 911, give a description of the vehicle, what it is doing, and where you are located. I’m just glad that no one got hurt.


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