BOOM! U.S Adds 312,000 Jobs In December, For-Hire Trucking Finishes Year +36,600 Jobs

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Labor Department released its latest round of job growth numbers on Friday and the data paints a picture of strong gains in the U.S. economy.

More than 312,000 jobs were added in December shattering expectations. Workers saw their wages grow by 3.2% which was up .5% from December of 2017. The labor participation rate now stands at 63.1%.

For-Hire Trucking Adds Jobs For 8th Consecutive Month

The for-hire trucking industry was also a big winner adding jobs for the 8th straight month. Trucking added 2,900 jobs.

Total employment in the for-hire trucking industry was 1.4969 million in December, according to the DOL. That’s up 36,600 jobs from December of 2017.


The Biggest Jobs Growth Winner

The industry sector enjoying the biggest year-over-year job growth was the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers added 32,ooo jobs in December. Total job growth for the year finished at 284,000 which was the highest in 21 years.

The U.S. economy added 2.6 million new jobs in 2018 which caps off the best year of job growth since 2015.

Unemployment Rate Ticks Up On Surge In Employment Seekers

The unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.9%. However, that’s because the strong economy is pulling job seekers back into the market who had previously given up on landing employment.

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