BOOTED! “The Singing Trucker” Live Streams His Truck Being Booted In Walmart Lot

Update: The video has since been removed from Facebook, but you can read a full synopsis of the video below.

Berea, Kentucky – A Facebook Live video posted by trucker Brad James is setting social media on fire in the trucking community.

Brad James is best known as “The Singing Trucker,” but after he took to Facebook Live at approximately 3 a.m. on Friday morning to report what happened to him in the parking lot of a Walmart in Berea, Kentucky, he might well be known more for the trucker who had his truck booted.

In this video Mr. James gives viewers a first-hand look at the unfairness directed towards truckers when it comes to parking. He shows passenger vehicles parked in the lot which were not booted as a result of parking overnight.


He even turns the camera to an RV which was parked there and the driver was simply asked to move.

At one point Mr. James confronts the gentleman who booted the truck. Seth Willis, a contractor with R&R Parking based in Oakridge, TN, explains he is hired by Walmart to take care of parking lot security.

He tells Mr. James the reason he decided to boot the truck was because he knocked to wake Mr. James up, but Mr. James did not wake up.

Mr. James asks why he did not knock harder and Willis explains they have been instructed by their company management not to knock hard.

Willis describes an incident in which he did knock hard on a trucker’s door and was greeted with a man opening the door with a handgun.


He was also quick to point out, “We have signs up.” Willis is referring to signs that make truckers aware it is illegal to park commercial trucks in the lot.

Mr. James also had to pay a $560 fine to have the boot removed. He asks Willis, “Do you guys have a first-timers discount?” Mr. Willis replies, “It tells you right on the sign you will be fined or towed and the fines start at $550. We charge $560.”

Willis then explained that R&R Parking “doesn’t even get that money.” Mr. James asks, “Who gets it?” Willis says he doesn’t know.

A 77-year-old man who says he’s a “disabled veteran,” was asleep in his camper when his pick up truck was also booted and fined. He appears in the video at 13:30 and he is quite upset also.


The man says, “I’m 77 (expletive) years old and this is the first (expletive) Walmart I ever got run out of.” He then points to each of the other cars in the lot and says, “Do you see all of these people here? We all spend money here. We buy our groceries… Do you know what they can do with their groceries?!”

At 16:30 minutes into the live stream another trucker pulls up to talk to Mr. James and says that he was also booted and had to pay the fine.

He too had a few choice words for Walmart.

Mr. James said he was going to do some shopping when he woke up, but “apparently they don’t want me to do that.”

Willis says Walmart policy is to not issue fines to those who can produce a receipt from a store purchase within the previous hour.

Mr. James said Willis gave him 2 hours to remit payment or he would have to call a tow truck which comes with an additional $400 minimum fee.


James’ friend and fellow driver, Taylor Barker, of “The Tay Tay and Wee-Wee” Show arrives on the scene at the 33:00 mark.

Taylor is seen driving circles in the lot and honking his horn. James says, “Now guys, that’s brotherhood right there!”

This video (when this post was originally made to has been shared over 8,700 times and viewed almost 350,000 times.

It’s popularity is yet another example of the incredible frustration truckers deal with when trying to find good, safe parking.



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