Box Truck Driver Collides With Not One But Two Overpasses In A Span Of Minutes

Durham, North Carolina – A box truck driver in North Carolina had a bad day earlier this month.

When a truck driver ignores “low clearance” signs or fails to adequately pre-trip their route and it results in collisions with overpasses, we at Transportation Nation Network have deemed this as “bridge bashing.” Those of you who follow us know this.

Well, a box truck driver in North Carolina is now a nominee for induction into the bridge bashing hall of fame after he smashed his truck into not one, but two bridges in a span of only a few minutes last week.


You read that correctly. Surveillance cameras captured the first of the two crashes on November 7. The driver ignored the 11′ 8” signs posted and the flashing lights. As a result the crash beam was not kind to the truck’s box. The truck hit the overpass with so much force the tractor was suspended in air for a few seconds.

It didn’t end here though. The driver then backed out and began driving in another direction only to slam into a 12′ clearance bridge on Chapel Hill Street a few minutes later. Unfortunately, there is not video of that crash, but you will see pictures in the featured video above.

The driver was cited for an over-height vehicle. Damage assessments to the bridges have not yet been released.

Video shared courtesy of yovo68/YouTube.



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