Burger King Apologizes for Refusing Service to Trucker After Video Goes Viral

Nashville, TN – A company that owns and operates more than 1,000 Burger King (BK) and Popeyes restaurants is apologizing for the way one of its store managers treated a trucker after a video of the incident went viral this week.

The now infamous incident happened on Tuesday at a Burger King at 2388 Lebanon Pike, in Nashville.

Truck driver Chris Sensing approached the drive thru window on foot when the BK manager informed him he was not allowed to serve a guest not in a vehicle.


“All I’m telling you is I’m not allowed to do that because you are a liability,” the manager says. “I’m just following the rules.”

Sensing, who was videoing the incident on his cell phone, expressed outrage the manager was refusing him service.

“So if I was in a car riding right up here I would get a hamburger, but since I’m a truck driver out here trying to work I can’t get a hamburger,” he asked.

“Sir, we have to follow the rules as we are told. I’m just following the rules,” the BK manager replies.

“So you are discriminating against a truck driver,” Sensing responds.

Shortly following the incident, Sensing posted the video to social media.


It didn’t take long for commenters to express similar sentiments of outrage that a restaurant was refusing service to truckers during this time of national emergency.

The video quickly went viral and currently has more than 16,000 shares.


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On Wednesday, New York-based Carrols Restaurant Group (CRG), which owns and operates the BK location along with 1,000 other BK and Popeyes franchise locations around the nation, issued an apology.

In a statement, CRG said, “Our previous policy of ‘no walk-ups allowed at drive thru’ was changed at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. We should be allowing truck drivers to be served at the drive thru window and pick-up at one of the entry doors.”


Further, CRG expressed it understands truckers are facing challenges finding available food options during this time of national emergency.

The company said the BK manager involved in the incident “unfortunately did not receive the communication” about the policy change, but it has since been addressed.

CRG also says it reached out to Sensing to apologize.

“The district manager has reached out to the driver involved and was able to speak with his wife. We have apologized for the incident and have assured him that he is welcome to visit our restaurants.”


Last month, following an outcry among many in the trucking community, restaurant chains such as McDonalds and Restaurant Brands International (RBI), which owns chains such as BK, Tim Horton’s and Popeyes, provided truckers with an in-app curbside ordering solution.

Truckers can now download the apps on their mobile devices and place the order for curbside pick-up.

WATCH Sensing’s video below.



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