Busted Trucker Reveals Eye-Popping Sum He Was to be Paid for Delivering Load of Cocaine

Simpson County, KY – A trucker caught transporting 30 lbs. of narcotics in his semi-truck last month was allegedly being paid over $13,000 for the transport.

Truck driver Arne Arvidsson Ewens, 63, is facing federal charges following a May 20 big rig drug bust in Simpson County.

In a criminal complaint obtained by Transportation Nation Network (TNN), Deputy Brad Harper of the Simpson County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) said a local Department of Homeland Security (DHS) office received information about a tractor-trailer in the area from the Chicago DHS field office.


Based on information from Chicago DHS, authorities located a white 2015 Kenworth T-600 parked at the Keystop gas station at 4391 Nashville Road in Franklin.

Authorities tracked the truck as it moved northbound on Interstate 65, where it was stopped at the inspection station at mile marker three.

Ewens was identified as the truck’s driver, and he gave verbal consent for his tractor and trailer to be searched, court documents say.

A K-9 at the scene alerted police to the tractor, where fifteen bundles of suspected cocaine were located inside a “hidden, non-factory, large metal container under the bunk of the tractor.”

Each bundle weighed approx. 2 lbs., according to the complaint.

In a subsequent interview, Ewens told officials this was the first time he had transported narcotics.


According to the complaint, Ewens was approached by two individuals two days prior at a mechanic shop on Highway 493 in Elsa, TX.

The unidentified individuals allegedly struck a deal wth Ewens to transport the drugs from Elsa to Winchester, KY, which is approximately 1,340 miles.


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Ewens told authorities he was to continue to Ohio after delivering the narcotics in Winchester to drop off his legitimate cargo load before traveling back south to “either Laredo or McAllen, TX.”

While Ewens initially told investigators he was not receiving any money for the transaction, he later admitted he was to be paid $1,000 per kilogram of narcotics after completing delivery.

At approximately 30 lbs., that totals roughly $13,608, or put another way… more than $10 per mile.


Ewens also provided authorities with the phone numbers to subjects in Elsa and also his contact in Winchester.

He secured an attorney from Bowling Green, KY to represent him in this case.

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