California Truckers Declare “No More Disrespect!” in Rally For Better Freight Rates

Long Beach, CA – Truckers in California rallied on Friday in a slow roll demonstration of unity against freight brokers they say are taking advantage of them during the COVID-19 recession.

Approximately two hundred truckers gathered this morning on Pier A at the Port of Long Beach in support of a growing movement to say “no more!”

Slow roll organizer Miguel Ramirez delivered an impassioned speech before the drivers loaded up and rolled out to meet up with another group departing from a location in Fontana.


“During this pandemic, our nation is able to see what I already knew: that you are true heroes,” Ramirez told a group of mostly port truckers. “Every story has a villain. In our case, we have lurking freight brokers with zero morals or regard for the welfare of our nation, only thinking of the size of their pockets.”

He continued, “These brokers are making killer profits as they are killing our rates. We accomplish each delivery, yet they reap the profits. They are capitalizing on this crisis to maximize their income.”

Ramirez called for “unity” among truckers to fight for respect.

“We are regarded as essential workers… but we are not compensated or treated as such. To that I say, ‘No more!’ No more cheap rates! No more driver injustice! No more disrespect!”

The demonstrators convoyed from the two locations before meeting up and merging on to the 10/605 westbound freeway.


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) provided an escort for the convoy as the group traveled in the right lane at speeds just above 45 miles per hour.

Hundreds of truckers participated in a slow roll demonstration of unity on Friday, May 1 in Long Beach, CA, to bring awareness to plummeting freight rates amid the COVID-19 recession.

Organizers urged each participant to obey all traffic laws during the demonstration.

According to sources TNN spoke with, no one was issued a citation during today’s events.


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Meanwhile, in Chicago, IL, more than three hundred truckers also convoyed around the Windy City in support of the cause.

Truckers demonstrated in a slow roll looping the city along I-290, 294, and 55.

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On the nation’s East Coast, more than 100 trucks rolled into Washington D.C. in the early morning hours.

By 8 a.m., trucks lined both sides along more than two blocks of Constitution Avenue in an impressive show of solidarity.

Read more about the D.C. rally HERE.


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