Canadian Officials Say 1.6 Million Pound Load Is “Largest” Ever

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Canadian officials say truckers are hauling the “largest load” to ever be moved along Alberta highways.

A team of heavy hauls specialists from Mammoet is moving a petrochemical development equipment, called a splitter, weighs in at over 1.6 million pounds and measures 100 yards long. The haul began Sunday night and is expected take four days to complete from Edmonton to the Industrial Heartland just outside of Fort Saskatchewan.

Officials are warning motorists along the route to expect delays. In certain areas along the planned route the load will be traveling against the flow of traffic causing lanes to be completely blocked off due to the fact the load is the entire width of a two-lane highway, including the shoulder.


At its largest configuration, including all vehicles, the load is 179 metres long, 9.5 metres wide and 13 metres high (587 feet long x 31 feet wide x 42 feet high).

The load is about the same size as London’s famous clock tower (best known as Big Ben) and weighs as much as eight blue whales.


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