Canadian Trucker Gives Spectacular Tribute to Americans Supporting Freedom Convoy

Reinfeld, MB — A Canadian trucker offered an unforgettable tribute to Americans supporting Freedom Convoy 2022.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) recently introduced readers to Rick Wall, the owner of Richland Transport in Reinfeld, MB.


Along with managing a fleet of 30 trucks, mostly owner-operators, hauling open decks cross-border throughout the U.S. and Canada, Wall now finds himself deeply involved in the fight against the country’s COVID-19-related restrictions.

Earlier this month, the 41-year-old married father of three young children — who describes himself as a “God-fearing man” and a proud Canadian – organized a slow roll protest near the U.S.-Canada border.

Click HERE to read more about why Wall says he is protesting.

The demonstration was on Highway 75 between Emerson Duty Free and the Commercial Inspection station.

Wall is planning to do it again this Saturday, January 29, as participants of the massive convoy plan to arrive in Ottawa.


Other protests are also planned at multiple U.S.-Canada border points as well.

Like organizers of Freedom Convoy, Wall is urging protesters to remain peaceful and within the law.

He tells TNN he has been in contact with truckers from the U.S. who are coming to “show solidarity” with the Canadian trucking community.

“We are truly witnessing what the trucking industry can do when we band together,” he told TNN.

In addition to supporting his protest, convoy organizers tell TNN they are expecting “thousands” of American drivers in Ottawa or to participate in protests at the border.


As for Wall, he wanted to show his appreciation and did just that in a spectacular way.

While flying an enormous American flag along with a smaller Canadian flag, he slow-rolled in his Peterbilt along the street in front of his company headquarters.

It’s a tribute you simply have to see and one we won’t soon forget.

WATCH it below.

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