Car Hauler’s Bizarre Handwritten Note on Pickup Truck Doesn’t Fool CHP Inspectors

West Fallbrook, CA – A car hauler’s bizarre handwritten note did not fool inspectors at a California commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement facility this summer.

On Tuesday, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Rainbow Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility shared a “what not to do” on social media, and it may leave you scratching your head.


The wild scene unfolded at the southbound facility off of Interstate 15 in West Fallbrook, just south of Rainbow Valley Boulevard West.

CHP Officer N. Wheelock shared with Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the incident occurred approximately six weeks prior to the posting.

Inspectors were closely monitoring truck traffic at the scale and the car hauler quickly (and unsurprisingly) caught the attention of officials.

A white Ford F150, affixed to the upper deck of a trailer, was discovered to be “hanging off the back.”


The Ford had visible damage to the rear passenger-side bumper and taillight, though it is unclear if the damage occurred before or after the truck was loaded onto the trailer.

In addition, inspectors noticed a curious hand-written note scribbled on the pickup’s tailgate.

“The vehicle is secured to the trock [sic] thanks,” it read.

CHP was not fooled by the “make shift regulatory sign,” however.

The trucker was referred to the bay for further inspection.


A more thorough examination revealed even more concerning safety hazards.

CHP reported the wheel mounting plate had “completely snapped,” the pick-up truck had shifted on the upper tier, and was being held to the trailer by a single strap.


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Additionally, authorities discovered the driver was not operating an electronic log.

The vehicle was immediately placed out of service (OOS) for being an “imminent hazard.”


Further, the driver was placed OOS for ten hours for the e-log infraction.

Officer Wheelock confirmed to TNN the case has yet to be adjudicated, so additional specifics could not be shared at this time.

Check out CHP’s post below and see more photos from the scene.


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