Carrier Gets Scare After White Powder Found in Letter Sent by Driver Applicant

Cedar Rapids, IA – An Iowa-based trucking company got quite a scare Monday morning when authorities say two employees were exposed to a letter sent to the company containing a suspicious substance.

Cedar Rapids Police were called to Don Hummer Trucking at approximately 9 a.m. after employees were alerted to a white, powdery substance that had fallen from a letter.

Upon arriving, police contained the suspicious substance to a conference room where the letter was opened.

Investigators quickly determined the substance was not harmful.


However, two employees who were exposed to the letter got quite a scare.

Chris Hummer, president of Don Hummer Trucking, tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) company officials immediately called in the potential threat out of “an abundance of caution” and police did an outstanding job in responding.

“We extend a sincere thank you to the Cedar Rapids Police Department and Cedar Rapids Fire Department for the prompt and professional response to today’s incident,” he said.

Further, Hummer said the company has had prior contact with the person who is suspected of sending the letter.

“We believe that the letter was sent by an applicant for a driving position,” he explained.


The company did not hire the driver, and police say the letter could be intended as retaliation.

Authorities say charges could be filed in the case as it is still under investigation.

Hummer says today’s incident is a reminder for trucking companies to always make sure proper security protocols are in place.

“Our employees acted quickly to contain the letter and make appropriate notifications to minimize any risk. Incidents like this, while rare, are an important reminder to re-evaluate security policies and emergency procedures to ensure the best possible outcome,” Hummer said.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers advice about how to properly establish a letter and bomb-screening program as well as what to do if your business receives a bomb threat by phone.

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